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Exciting new developments

During the 2020 Christmas break, lots happened at the school to make it a safer and better space for students and staff. Dozens of builders, electricians, demolition teams, crane operators, and many others worked some extraordinary hours.
This remediation work is a really big step towards building the next stages of the master plan of the school. There are exciting new works on the way to provide substantial new facilities for theschool community.
We want to say a big thank you to everyone for your part in helping this to happen!

Building Project

Building Project Overview
Building Project Overview 3

Work in progress:

On the rooftop, the crane worked nonstop all summer removing demolition debris from the plant room, music room and the removal of the top layers of the roof slab, preparing it for new waterproofing, drainage and resurfacing.
The roof in its current stage of demolition bore the brunt of the extreme rain event last week, but a temporary waterproofing membrane has now been fitted to prevent any further indoor rain events.
The ceiling tiles were the first thing we had to take out and will be one of the last things to go back in. This is to enable access to the old 1970’s infrastructure that needs to be replaced. The end result will be a modern, efficient heating and cooling system all students and staff will enjoy.

Bright, positive spaces

There’s new flooring on the stairs and they’re about to get a face lift with a bright new coat of paint in the house colours; Winton (grey) for the central stair, Freeman (red) for the Northern Stair, Murdoch (orange) to the Eastern stair and Hollows (yellow) to the Western stair.
The lecture theatre will also be getting a fresh coat of paint to go with the new carpet.
Building development floorplan
Building development stair wells colour scheme
We’re creating new teaching spaces to help cater for growing student numbers.
Building floorplan
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