Welcome from our Principal
Our school was created in 2014 with a vision of becoming a high performing government school of first choice in the area. We are proudly achieving this vision, with outstanding student learning growth data testament to the effectiveness of the research-based teaching and learning practices we employ at our school. Through high quality practices, we aim to create global citizens who are successful in their lives and careers and to equip them with the skills and attributes to form positive relationships.

Over the past five years, our school has shown exceptional improvement across a number of areas and was deemed an Influence School by the Department of Education and Training in 2018 and 2019. This is the highest category that can be reached by a school. With our trajectory of exceptional results over time, we are now considered a leader in our system and are working to influence and support other schools to achieve best practice.
Our positive and welcoming school culture is underpinned by our school values of Diversity, Aspiration, Respect and Excellence (DARE) alongside consistently high academic expectations, as well as high expectations with regard to student conduct. This is strengthened by our student leadership structure where House Captains across Years 7-12 are actively involved in leading whole school student activities and enacting positive change at our school. There is an extensive extra-curricular program offered before school, at lunchtimes and after school, where all students can strive to attain badges and excel in the areas of Communication, STEM, Arts, Philanthropy and Sport.
Our teaching and learning culture is focused on challenging and growing all students and our teachers are exemplary, passionate educators. There is an emphasis on teacher professional learning and we work closely with universities to ensure our teachers are using highly effective, research-based practices. Teachers use data to inform planning and teaching for each student, resulting in a highly personalised program that ensures each and every student is challenged in their learning regardless of their entry level. There is an emphasis on language learning at our school and our differentiated specialist French language programs have received national and international recognition.
As well as our rigorous general program, we also offer an accredited Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) program and are one of a limited number of Academy of Accredited SEAL (TAASS) schools in the state.  We are also an accredited International Student Provider and offer our International students a highly supportive environment and exemplary academic program.
I extend an invitation to families to come and visit on one of our scheduled school tours and observe first-hand the innovative and exciting programs that are happening in our school.
Maria Karvouni