Outperforming the State in growth and achievement


OUR Program

Rigorous General Program. Auburn High School ensures all students are challenged and engaged in their learning.


(Selected Entry Accelerated Learning)
Auburn High School has been a member of the Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools since 2014, providing an exemplary accelerated learning program.


(Science, Technologies,
Engineering and Mathematics)
Innovative investigations using an inquiry-based process. Access a wide range of learning opportunities both in class and via our extensive extracurricular program.

French Bi-National

Auburn High School is the only Victorian government high school offering a bi-national French program. Internationally recognised, it offers a unique approach to language learning.

Outperforming the State in growth and achievement

We know our students and how to grow our students. Consistent application of research-based best practice is resulting in outstanding learning outcomes for our students.

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