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Lycée Franco-Australien de Melbourne

Auburn High School is the only Victorian government high school to be offering a program accredited by the French Ministry of Education. Our program has been recognised as a French school by the French Ministry of National Education since 2016, meaning that students study the same curriculum and sit the same end of cycle examination (Diplôme National du Brevet) as in France.

Families applying for more than one of our specialist programs must indicate their preference order as it is not possible to participate in programs concurrently/ simultaneously. Please note that by applying for more than one program you are agreeing to accept placement into the program that is offered to you.

Questions regarding the examination process for our French Specialist Programs can be directed to: [email protected]

Find information regarding our FBN Payment policy HERE

The following subjects are taught in French and assessed against the French curriculum:
  • French Literature
  • Humanities
  • Science
  • Mathematics
The following subjects are taught in English and assessed against the Victorian curriculum:
  • English
  • Technology and / or Arts
  • Health and Physical Education
From Year 8, students learn Spanish as a second foreign language one a week after school, as required by the French curriculum.
After sitting the Brevet mid-way through Year 9, the program focuses on preparing students to start the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) program. The International Baccalaureate will also be offered at Auburn High School from 2023, providing students with even further choice for their final years of secondary schooling.
In Year 10, French Binational students are eligible to enrol in the Accelerate VCE Program (AVP), and commence Unit 1 and 2 subjects including French. In Year 12, students who have completed a VCE 3 and 4 subject the previous year can take a university enhancement subject, the equivalent of a first year university subject. Aside from the benefit of bilingualism, this provides the opportunity of broadening their subject selection at VCE level.
Recognition and Partnership
Since receiving accreditation in 2016, over 80% of Auburn High School students have passed their Diplôme National du Brevet with Distinction or High Distinction. They have also achieved outstanding results in the DELF B2 examination with a mean score over 70% over the last 3 years. DELF B2 is a language certification aligned with the Common European Framework for Languages, required by tertiary education providers (French Universities).
French Immersion Program – A new option to foster bilingualism
Students with advanced skills in the French language, but who are not enrolled in the French Binational Program, may be eligible to enrol in the French Immersion Program. The French Immersion Program (FIP) supports accelerated French language acquisition through an immersion approach. Students will have access to advanced language classes as well as an additional subject taught in French through the Victorian Curriculum. Students in this program have access to a highly challenging French language program from Year 7, completing the Year 10 Victorian Curriculum standards for these two subjects in three years instead of four. They may then consider accelerating into Year 11 French.
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