Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) program

Auburn High School offers a SEAL program fully accredited by the Academy of Accredited SEAL school (TAASS). This acknowledges the exemplary planning and provision of a rigorous curriculum through high quality teaching and learning programs. The SEAL program offered at AHS is one of only three accredited programs in the area. The program brings together like-minded, high-achieving students, giving them a sense of belonging and extending them to fulfil their potential.

SEAL students undertake six years of secondary schooling, but complete Year 7-10 Victorian Curriculum standards in three years rather than four. They can then choose to undertake an enriched VCE sequence through our highly personalised Accelerate VCE Program (AVP) and also have the option of taking university enhancement subjects in Year 12, the equivalent of a first year university subject. This provides the benefit of being able to undertake a broader selection of VCE studies and prepares students to achieve their maximum potential Tertiary Admissions Ranking (ATAR).
Students in program undertake their core subjects of English, Maths, Science and Humanities in their SEAL group and the remainder of their classes with their peers in the general and French Binational programs. Having the opportunity to work with students from other classes helps support social connections across whole year levels and adds to the warm sense of community and cohesion across cohorts, a wonderful feature of the culture at Auburn High School.

To gain entry into the SEAL program, students must first attain the high benchmark measured by the Edutest.

Students seeking admission into the SEAL program at Year 7 must sit the Edutest. Per DET guidelines, the student must first be offered a place at the school via the Year 6-7 Application Form process. They would then be eligible to sit the Edutest, which is used to determine placement in the SEAL class.
The test is undertaken onsite at Auburn High School and short-listed students are invited in for an interview along with their parent/ guardian. The interview is an important step in the entry process and allows a holistic judgement of suitability to be made.
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