SEAL Program

Fulfil your potential Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) program Auburn High School offers a SEAL program fully accredited by the Academy of Accredited SEAL school (TAASS). This acknowledges the exemplary planning and provision of a rigorous curriculum through high quality teaching and learning programs. The SEAL program offered at AHS is one of only three […]

General Program

Engage Our rigorous general program Auburn High School supports all students to engage with our values of Diversity, Aspiration, Respect and Excellence. Our program, grounded in the Victorian Curriculum, is delivered to all students through implementation of our research-based GANAG instructional model and High Yield Teaching Strategies. Laptop Information AHS laptop program Curriculum Handbooks 2023 […]

School Council

Getting involved School Council The role of the School Council is to provide oversight of policy and financial matters. 6 Parents – elected (3 for a term of 2 years and 3 for a term of 1 year) The Principal 2 DET employees – elected (1 for a term of 2 years and 1 for […]

Student Wellbeing

Develop confidence and independence Wellbeing services are available to all students across years 7-12 to support them in achieving academic and personal growth. Auburn High School focuses on the promotion of student wellbeing, with strong emphasis on taking a collaborative approach that involves not only the young person but also their family support system in […]

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence Auburn High School performance Our academic program is wide and varied, and our record of success is outstanding. We are proud of our academic success in helping students achieve their dream. Auburn High School has been deemed an ‘INFLUENCE’ school Auburn High School has achieved the top Department of Education and Training category […]

Our Philosophy

Philosophy Our purpose is underpinned and embodied in our values of D.A.R.E. Our Vision Our vision is to be a high performing school where all students feel challenged and engaged by high quality teaching and learning and are provided with experiences that allow them to develop the skills necessary to become successful global citizens. Auburn […]

About AHS

About Auburn High School Auburn High School is a co-educational government secondary school with a focus on excellence. Our vision is to be a first choice in secondary education, where young people are engaged by high quality teaching to enable them to succeed in their lives. Auburn High School offers excellent facilities and rigorous, innovative […]