Auburn High School performance

Our academic program is wide and varied, and our record of success is outstanding. We are proud of our academic success in helping students achieve their dream.

Auburn High School has been deemed an ‘INFLUENCE’ school

Auburn High School has achieved the top Department of Education and Training category for the past 2 years. This is based on a number of measures that have shown high or very high performance consistently maintained over 3 years.
Performance is high or very high. This level of performance is maintained consistently over three years or is on a positive improvement trajectory with the school acting as an influencer and system leader.

Our parent opinions

The school achieved over 75% positive endorsement in 16 out of 19 categories compared with all secondary schools. 

Our staff opinions

Our school outperforms the State on all measures of the Staff Opinion Survey, including measures such as Academic Emphasis, Collective Responsibility and Collective Focus on Student Learning.

Parent Opinion Survey 2018:

Improving teaching and learning

Our focus on improving student learning outcomes has involved:

  • Having consistency in practices in every classroom by having a documented curriculum, using common templates, common assessment tasks and developing a common language.
  • Teacher collaboration in discussing what curriculum will be taught and how and working together on using data to inform teaching and to support and challenge our students.
  • Every teacher then develops a common understanding and has high expectations for their students. This creates more consistency in our school and drives student achievement and growth.
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